Carl Messenger-Lehmann

Like no other! I’ve been to many physiotherapists – but never experienced the holistic approach that Elite Physio does. They don’t just treat the pain – they identify the source and help you solve the problem using a variety of techniques from physio and massage to Active release, laser or acupuncture. Deep understanding + Caring team.

Michael and Patti are exceptional.

Paul Stasiulevicius

Great place filled with great people.. I’ve been seeing Arpan for quite some time now and she’s amazing! Always asking questions and figuring out how to treat me better than the last session. I’ve been to many physiotherapy places but never got the results like I have with Arpan! Continuous information and knowledge from her and she never fails to leave me satisfied after each time I see her.

Itab Atwy

I started going to see Michael in Fall 2016. I have suffered from lower back pain for years and as a Professional photographer I am constantly bending, twisting and turning to get the perfect shot. From the first visit, I couldn’t believe that I noticed a difference. Michael is amazing to say the least! He takes the time to investigate the root cause of the problem and he provides different approaches through his diverse experience and knowledge to target the source of the problem. Every visit, I feel and notice an improvement. I am honestly so impressed and relieved that I found him. Highly Recommended!

Syed Rehman

Marco was helpful to fix my problems professionally. Highly recommended. Courteous staff.

Caroline Bouilly

The Elite Physiotherapy clinic is well run and the staff are amazing and positive. My physiotherapist Arpan Hundal has been extremely attentive and knowledgeable on the causes and effective treatments for various injuries. I would definite recommend Elite Physiotherapy for anyone needing professional and effective assistance with pain.

Sean Zaichick

I initially went to see Michael Hofstatter when I was recovering from having torn my quadriceps off of the bone. He used a variety of treatments ranging from acupuncture, laser, manipulation and stretching , among others. I have never had quicker and more effective results than I experienced with him- he knows EXACTLY what to do to get you feeling better fast. I would highly recommend him to anyone needed any kind of rehab.

A Chin

I was a client of Arpan’s 8 months ago for a painful shoulder injury from weightlifting and plantar fasciitis. Prior to Arpan, I saw a couple therapists from different clinics who unfortunately, did not help. After my first visit, I could tell Arpan was different. She was much more knowledgeable and experienced. Her treatments were far superior and it wasn’t long before I started to see improvements. She has a very patient and pleasant personality. Most of all though, she’ll make you better.

Just remember to do the exercises and/or stretches she teaches you to make the recovery period that much faster. Even though I haven’t needed to go back for anything, I still do some of the exercises Arpan showed me to prevent the same injuries from reoccurring. Thanks Arpan!

Natasha Kent

Great Service! Going for Chiropractic treatments after a recent car accident, Love Patty feel better than I have felt in a very long time!

Jayasudha Vavilla

After my recent surgery of my knee, I had to research physiotherapists near to where I live. After reading about the wonderful reviews for Michael Hofstatter-I didn’t mind the wait for 2 weeks to see him. True to all the reviews –Michael’s calm demeanour,professional attitude put me at ease immediately. He listens to concerns,explains things well & uses a combination of physiotherapy & accupuncture to treat. Just after 4 sessions -I see a marked improvement in my symptoms.
It also helps that he has a great cheerful team in the front(Karen and Hiam) who are very welcoming. I’m so glad & appreciative of all what you do – thank you!!

Remee John

Michael is a great Physiotherapist. He does a thorough assessment of the problem before he starts his therapy. He is very professional pleasant and gentle in dealing with his patients. He is one Physiotherapist, that I know of, who shows genuine concern for his patients.
He follows up with his patients to ensure that they are doing the recommended exercises.
I call him the fix it man…as I am a lot better under his care

Belinha Melo

Arpan Hundal is a very good listener, caring, and wonderful professional. The service has been outstanding. I highly recommend their services.

Hernando Serrano

After two car accidents and one sport injury, I need everybody to know and understand that the secret to my recovery, it’s just that I put myself in the good hands of Elite Physio, a clinic with a staff that carries all the experience, knowledge, equipment and the best understanding for the patient’s pain situation.
The treatments that I have received from Mike and his staff, are so effective, that whenever I hear that one of my friends has suffer any kind of injury, I refer them to Elite Physio, knowing that the will be treated the same as I am treated, and with the same results. Thanks Mike you are awesome.