Jason To

Marco and Patricia were extremely helpful in helping me with my injuries. I was unable to turn my neck after snowboarding, with the help of Patricia, she was able to help me fully recover after a few sessions.

I got into an accident and Marco was able to teach me certain exercises and treat me until I was able to walk properly. Overall the best Physio Clinic I have been to.

Peter Koehnen

I’ve been very impressed with my experience at Elite Physio. The chiropractor, Dr. Shereen Al-Jamal quickly identified my issue and gave me treatments and exercises that helped immediately. I’ve never had to wait for an appointment and have always been met with friendly professionalism.

Jaskaran Singh Virdi

I was here for my shoulder trouble, which was looked after by Dr. Arpan and in only 2 sessions my pain was almost gone. I was heard properly and treated very nicely. The place is neat with friendly staff to assist you. All in all a great experience, would highly recommend.


I’ve been going to Elite Physio for various reasons over the past couple of years — massage, yoga classes and most recently physio for my shoulder and back (the joys of working from home during COVID-19). Arpan has been my physiotherapist and has helped me to be pain free! She treats you like a family member not just a client – she cares. Arpan is very knowledgeable and approaches her work holistically. She is also good at motivating you to do those exercises at home! If you need physio – call Elite Physio (the best!) and ask to see Arpan!

Linda Zuber

Elite Physio is an outstanding practice. Despite attending another clinic for shoulder pain it was during a visit with my Mom for Acupuncture that I met Michael. I immediately decided to switch clinics and have never looked back. Michael has given me back mobility and relieved my pain in just a few short visits and I am now having him address my foot pain that my chiropodist has been unable to relieve.

Michael is helping my Mother who has suffered severe chronic back pain for more than 30 years and he’s given her hope, something she had otherwise given up on. Michael thank you for your patience, bedside manner, knowledge and above all your pain free, medication free approach to providing relief. Can’t say enough good things. It’s refreshing to be helped by someone who truly knows what they’re doing. I have referred to you as “God Like” in your ability and highly recommend you and your services!

Kim Dias

I’ve been going to Dr. Arpan Hundal for the past 8 months for tendonitis. Dr. Arpan is very passionate about her job and really cares about helping her clients heal. She is reassuring and builds a good relationship with her clients. I feel comfortable with her, and confident that she can help. I have also gotten so much better after starting physio.
The staff are so polite and organized and the location is really clean and easy to find. Ola is very professional and the place is flexible with making appointments and helping reschedule. Would HIGHLY recommend this place.

Chad Young

After visiting previous physio therapy locations and unsuccessful treatment for my injury, I ended up finding elite physio which had a lot of positive reviews and I couldn’t be more thankful. All of the staff were great and very friendly.
I was lucky enough to work with Marco for a few months and he fixed me right up after I was starting to doubt If I’d ever get better. Not only was he informative but also very knowledgeable and easy to talk to whilst being professional during the whole experience.
I would recommend this place in a heart beat as my time here was nothing but positive results and the results I was hoping for.

Bill Park

Michael, I just want to express my deep gratitude for your treatment of my recent back problem. When I first hobbled into to your clinic less than a month ago, you listened, observed and diagnosed my problem and after less than an hour of careful treatment I walked out feeling better. I also left with a clearer understanding of the problem and what I could do, by way of exercises, to get me back to work on Monday (it was only Saturday).
With each subsequent visit, I always felt some benefit. Before today’s appointment, I mentioned that I was a little anxious about coping with some lifting task that my job today entailed. You did a “back correction” and I was able to perform the task without a problem… thank you Michael.

Jeff C.

Been to many physio in the past, sent to see specialists, xray, ultrasound and many sessions later, no one could figure out what was wrong.

Went to see Patti at Elite Physio, and within one session, she figured out what was wrong with my hip and pretty much sent me on the right path to being fixed

Sabiha Meer

Before I write this review I want to be clear this is my honest experience being at the clinic for a couple months. I had the privilege of shadowing the Physiotherapist. I had shadowed several before, but I have never been at clinic of this excellence before. The Physiotherapist gives you their full time, other than those that examine you for 10-15 mins and hands you off to their Physiotherapist assistant. Michael spends each minute ensuring that the patient is well taken care of, and gives even more time if needed. Every patient that came to him saw a difference in their pain level and range of motion within just that session.

Michael went above and beyond to each patient and has diverse knowledge. Unlike most Physiotherapists he knows how to perform adjustments, medical acupuncture, and many other modalities best suited to help the patient. He does not just put you on modalities, but rather uses true PHYSICAL therapy with his treatment.

The customer service staff is wonderful, truly the most honest and kind people I have ever met. I am so grateful for this experience, and have already convinced my family to visit him.


Michael and Patricia are highly invested in helping you heal. I’ve been to numerous health care providers to help with my back and shoulder issues and the progress made with the team at Elite is substantially better then others.

Scott Kendall

The office is bright and clean, the staff attentive and knowledgeable and the location is easy to get to with lots of parking. Can’t say enough good things about the staff at Elite Physio!