After spending 7 weeks in a non-weight bearing cast for a fractured ankle, I got clearance to start walking. I didn’t know what to expect, and I could barely touch my foot to the floor, let alone stand/walk. Lucky for me, Elite Physio, Marco, Michael & team knew exactly what to do, and within 3.5 weeks, I ditched the crutches! This was my first fracture and my first exposure to physiotherapy, but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Each session was one-on-one and personalized. Marco treated me using multiple types of therapies, which I believe helped me recover even faster. He was also very supportive of my feelings and fears (especially as I tried to get back to normal things like driving or walking down stairs!), but he continued to challenge me with exercises to ensure my healing did not plateau. In fact, because everyone at Elite Physio was so encouraging and genuinely glad to see my progress, I felt even more motivated to keep up with the exercises outside of our treatment sessions.

A huge thank you to Marco and Elite Physio for all your help and support during this difficult period in my life. The quality of care and treatment you provide is truly exceptional!


I’m so glad I took the time to really research different physio places and chose Elite Physio. Dr. Michael and Dr. Arpan are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (for lack of better terms) at what they do for you. They will really listen and ask you questions in order to provide you with the right treatment plan. This is NOT just a “..come in for your appointment, more your arms/legs (or whatever’s in pain) around kind of place, slap on those Dr. Ho kind of machines and done!” …Every appointment is different and catered to your condition and how you’ve been feeling and what you’ve been experiencing in between your appointments.

Background: I was in a car accident (a huge SUV hit us). Now – even though it’s taking a while for my right sides to feel like it’s normal again … at the very least, I get temporary relief for a few days. I know, and I’m sure everyone else does, that it really takes times. THANK YOU guys!

Aarathi Edward

Mike and Shereen provide excellent care and do their best to ensure you can get better without having to go back to them indefinitely.

Alshimaa Bakeer

Thank you Dr Arpan Hundal for doing your best to cure my lower back pain and my left shoulder injury in a very short time. Now I can practice my normal life like before, cooking , playing with my kids and driving car without any pain in my back and shoulder. I could tell that I noticed improvement after only one session which is amazing.
Thank you again Dr Arpan and I highly recommend Elite Physio.

Robert Baker

I am very glad that I was referred to Michael Hofstatter at Elite Physio. I have been a client there for a few months and have had nothing but great experiences and amazing results.
I have been to many Physiotherapists and he is truly invested to help get you back to better health. I have experienced some amazing results, and Michael and the whole Elite Physio team has been instrumental in helping me get better and on the path to getting me back to my normal.
I would highly recommend Elite Physio to anyone in need of physiotherapy support.

Arif Hussain

To anyone recovering from an injury,

Michael Hoffstatter and the elite physio team are the most personable and experienced staff in the world when it comes to taking care of a patients needs.

I’ve been working with Michael for over a year now as his patient for a traumatic back injury and intensive psychological conditions.

Michael and his team go above and beyond what I’ve experienced anywhere else in my life. Before I met them, I was close to dying. Lost, misunderstood, in pain and just ready to give up.

Michael and his team always greet me with smiles and love and support and I am so grateful for all that they have done and continue to do for me.

Michael and his team go through great lengths to not only understand what are the underlying issues with regards to your treatment, but they educate you along the way and care for you like you are part of their family.

Michael and his team always spend extra time on their patients and they are by far the greatest physiotherapy/interdisciplinary team in the entire GTA.

I would strongly recommend elite physio to anyone in pain, who is injured or just requires physio, massage, yoga or chiropractic services.

They constantly take care of you, they always send holiday cards, follow up and make sure you get the best service possible.

I owe my life and the quality of my recovery to Michael Hoffstatter and the elite physio team. I genuinely wouldn’t be alIve without Michael’s support and belief in me.

Michael is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran and he is more knowledgeable than most of the doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors I’ve seen.

I’m glad to be a part of the elite physio family and I highly recommend that anyone and everyone choose Elite Physio as your primary physiotherapy.

🙂 thank you!


I had a great experience at Elite Physio! Very clean and organized workplace, staff are friendly, and wait times are minimal. Michael is very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and cordial. As someone who no longer has insurance, the price is affordable.

Donna A

I first came to Elite Physio because of the positive reviews I read online. I am very pleased to say that Michael has certainly lived up to all the positive accolades! He is very professional, knowledgeable and very keen to understand symptoms and concerns. He was able to readily identify the issue and proper treatment which has led to very tangible improvements in a reasonable time. He is more than happy to explain the treatment and answer any questions about the condition or the treatment. I would highly recommend Michael.

Hala Haidar

Excellent service! Very friendly & welcoming staff! Arpan has a golden touch! I could not believe that my sciatic pain would be cured in 2 sessions!!

Richard Lindo

This clinic is the real deal. Michael is an expert physiotherapist/acupuncturist who tailors his treatment approach to his patients specific needs very well.

There are also other types of practitioners on staff for more holistic care where needed. The results are very effective and swift treatment. As someone who has dealt with a multitude of complex ailment who has sought treatment at many different clinics I can confidently say you won’t be disappointed if you go to this clinic for treatment.

Marissa O’Connell

I have been a client of elite physio for a few years now. Marco has helped me through a number of issues since my pregnancy, from my hip to my knee and a wrist issue. The front desk staff are so accommodating and kind. I drive a little out of my way to go to elite physio (there are physio clinics closer to my home) but it’s worth it!! Also the new office is very nice inside.

Aish Hasija

I received a great service at Elite Physio by Dr. Arpan. The treatment I received provided me with a lot of relief for my Knee injury. They use ultrasound therapy and Laser along with hot and cold therapy. Highly recommend this clinic. My Knee improved after just two sessions!