Around the Bay week 2

Well it has been about a week or so since my last post about training for my 30 km run. So far in the past week I have done 3, 8 km runs and 8 km on an elliptical machine and this morning spent 40 mins on my stationary bike…I never knew how sore and tired my legs could get when I first started this venture but I know it will get better. I have included medical acupuncture in my rehab this week to address blood flow and decrease muscle tension to my gluts and legs. I have done this by adding acupuncture to points along my lower back to improve blood flow to my lower extremity which are know as the autonomics. I also added acupuncture needles to my gluteal muscles to decrease tension and improve muscle strength and speed up training recovery. Attached is a picture of the points that were included in my treatment. If you have any questions regarding this technique or more treatments using medical acupuncture please ask me at: [email protected].

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