Elite Physio Preparing to open for all patients

Ontario is planning for the next phase of responding to the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak – reopening our province.

As a first step, the government has developed a framework to guide their approach. This framework outlines the method and principles they will use to reopen businesses, services and public spaces to responsibly lead Ontario’s economy back to a strong position.

Healthcare facilities such as doctor’s offices and Rehab clinics will be part of Stage 1

Stage 1 Initially, consider: For businesses that were ordered to close or restrict operations, opening select workplaces that can immediately meet or modify operations to meet public health guidance and occupational health and safety requirements (e.g., curbside pick-up or delivery).

At Elite Physio, we have already taken all the steps necessary to be able to allow “Emergency Care” patients to come in and get treated. These steps will be continued as we open our practice to general patients who where not deemed an emergency case but do need treatments to relieve their pain and suffering during isolation.

With the anticipation of the government announcing the date for the start of Stage 1 we have started pre-bookings for appointments, so if you need to come in as soon as possible, please reach out and call us.

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