Behind The Mask With Chiropractor, Dr. Shereen Al-Jamal

Elite Physio: So Dr. Shereen, Let me first start off by saying welcome back to the clinic. For the people who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting you, can you tell us why you chose to become a Chiropractor and what you love about your practice?

Dr. Shereen: Thank you! I chose to become a chiropractor because I love the hands-on approach, one on one patients’ interactions, and the idea of helping people heal.

Elite Physio: How many years have you been practicing as a chiropractor? And what settings have you worked in?

Dr. Shereen: I have been practicing chiropractic for 11 years and have worked at multiple settings including Family doctor’s offices, rehab clinics etc.

Elite Physio: You first started working at Elite Physio in October 2017, after maternity leave, and then went back on maternity leave in November 2019. Were there new challenges for you as you prepared to leave the clinic as compared to your first pregnancy? And what advice would you offer to working moms who will likely take time off work when they have a baby, rather than considering not going back to work after that baby is born?

Dr. Shereen: There are always challenges associated with leaving the clinic for an extended period. My biggest concern at the time was mainly ensuring my patient’s smooth transition to a new therapist and it not affecting their course of treatment.

My advice to new working moms is it is always challenging trying to balance work and family life especially with a baby but eventually you develop a routine and things do eventually get easier with time.

Elite Physio: Now that you have two little ones at home, what kind of challenges did you and your family encounter since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and what strategies or things did you do to overcome them?

Dr. Shereen: Some of the challenges we faced during the pandemic include the lack of activities available for the kids, but we overcame it by spending more time outdoors exploring nature.

Elite Physio: Did you find it difficult to get back to treating patients after returning from your maternity leave?

Dr. Shereen: Not at all, I was excited to get back to treating patients.

Elite Physio: As a final note, can you give our audience 3 key things to know about what your chiropractic treatments involve and how it may differ from someone who just does adjustments?

Dr. Shereen: During my treatments I like to perform a variety of therapies in addition to adjustments; therefore , I tend to perform a very thorough initial assessment which assists me in better understanding the patient’s condition, expectations and aids me in developing a treatment plan that is unique to that patient. In addition, I tend to focus a lot on muscles work and joint mobilizations. I also tend to focus a lot on home exercises and postural education.

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