Pregnancy Education Virtual Course

Did you just have a baby or are soon expecting?

Elite Physio can help by providing you post a pregnancy education virtual course.

The course is designed for women post partum to regain strength and understand the changes in their body i.e core, pelvic floor to go back to activities and working out in a safe manner. It will also help motivate you to live a healthier life with a better understanding of your bodies post pregnancy and post partum. The objectives of this course are as follows.

  1. Acquire knowledge of the changes in anatomical and physiological workings of the body;
  2. Self assessment of diastasis recti (a common condition after pregnancy) and how to manage it;
  3. Evaluate your current core strength and start our 8 session plan to increase your core strength;
  4. Understand why you may have low back pain or sciatic pain;
  5. Dissipate misunderstandings regarding a connection between low back pain and epidurals;
  6. Discuss problems related to Incontinence-stress, urge and frequency of urination; and
  7. Emphasis on hydration and correct bladder and bowel behaviour.

For more details and dates please contact us.

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