Mary-Anne Barry

Patti is a great person and chiropractor. She is caring and wanting to help you with your issues. She looks into finding ways to help you with any problems you may have. I have been to other rehab places in the past and I am happy to have finally found one that I look forward to coming too and has helped me get better! Thanks Patti!


This is one of the best places I know of for paramedical services like physio, chiropractor, massage therapy etc. The practitioners are very knowledgeable in their domains, helpful and easy to work with. I would highly recommend that you try Elite Physio if you are looking for results.


I was having right shoulder pain, arm weakness and tingling that would shoot into my pinky finger part due to a prior small accident and bad posture. I have had this for probably five years.

I went to family doctor, chiro and did x-rays but nothing helped. Found Elite physio online and thought would try them out and i am glad i did. They don’t hook you in an expensive treatment plan like some clinics do. I asked for Michael specifically. He is a no BS guy and is very knowledgeable, professional and pays attention to your symptoms and concerns. I was able to see very tangible improvements in a reasonable time. I like his way of explaining the treatment and answering any questions about the condition.

I still have a little bit of symptoms and will be going again. I would highly recommend Michael.

Abhijith Gowda

I had a great experience and help with my lower back pain at Elite Physio. Arpan was great and knowledgeable and helped with my recovery quicker. The exercises and long term care advise helped me understand the pain management better.

Kausar Syed

Very Professional and efficient service. Michael H is a great physiotherapist, very thorough in his work.


The staff is incredible, they helped me physically and emotionally through every visit, they are are caring in every aspects and would ensure you on the right path to recovery.

Jimmy Leung

Michael is a very patient healthcare professional. He takes time to explain how to speed up recovery and prevent further injury. I would highly recommend his clinic.


Michael is a true professional. He is very serious diligent and thorough. Plus he is willing to communicate with you in between sessions if needed. His adjustments are firmly done and he offers a range of treatments He is very competent in his diagnosis and exercise prescription as he does a thorough assessment. He wants to and does fix you.


Although I have only had one session, it has been incredible. Not only was my treatment very thorough, so was the explanation of what was going on with my body, proper stretching and exercises. I am looking forward to my next treatments.

Bharath Kumar

Our recent experience with elite physio has been great. Arpan was very professional since my mum’s first session and my mother’s condition has been greatly improved


Very friendly and nice people.


My back was injured, with seeing Dr.Patti I was feeling 100% within 2 sessions.
Highly recommend seeing Patti.
She is very cool, knowledgeable and knows the body.
Anytime I feel pain I go to Elite physio and it’s clean environment as well.