The Elite Physio Ozone Therapy System

Welcome to the Elite Physio Ozone Therapy System and enjoy the multiple health benefits it has to offer.

What is Ozone (O3)?

Naturally occurring, Ozone is the strongest oxidant which is produced in nature by lightning and ultraviolet irradiation and is made up of three oxygen atoms.  Because Ozone cannot stay in this state for long, the third singlet atom will eventually break away, leaving pure oxygen.  The singlet then must attach to something and since healthy cells have a natural defense and are not affected, the singlet attaches to unhealthy cells, bacteria, or viruses and neutralizes them. We are able to make Ozone in a clinical setting by passing medical-grade oxygen through an Ozone generator where we then produce Ozone (O3) from Oxygen (O2). 

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy has been used for many years in the attempt to help improve the body’s health and stamp out the harmful effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa. It’s used to disinfect and treat diseases that are caused by these invaders and works by disrupting bacterial and fungal cell growth and virus-to-cell contact through oxidation. Ozone therapy involves of the use of Ozone (O3), a potent form of oxygen, as a disinfectant agent that’s introduced into the body and improves oxygen intake to boosts the immune system response.

Now, there are a variety of ways to use ozone therapy, and one of the most popular ways is to combine it with steam, which is the basis of the Elite Physio’s Ozone Therapy system. This combination of Ozone and steam is used around the world by those looking to efficiently eliminate toxins from the body and for many other health related reasons. Some benefits of a Ozone Sauna include:

Pain Relief Antioxidant Kills Viruses
Kills Bacteria Kills Fungi Improves Tissue Oxygenation
Increases Metabolism Immune System Stimulation Cellular Rejuvenation
Improves Circulation Anti-Inflammatory Adjunct to Cancer Therapies
Improves Skin health Improves Athletic Recovery and other benefits……

How does Ozone and steam work together?

Steam has been used for centuries for skin purification, relaxation, a circulation boost and to soothe tired muscles.   Steam saunas are designed to open the pores and make you sweat, allowing toxins and other debris to exit the body through the skin.  When the other elimination organs (kidneys, bowels, liver and lungs) become overloaded, the skin is the body’s next line of defense, and this is where a steam sauna can prove helpful.

Ozone and steam therapy allows Ozone to enter the body more easily and as the Ozone breaks down the singlet oxygen atom attaches to and kills pollutants, the open pores and sweat allow for better elimination of toxins. And with Elite Physio’s Ozone Therapy System, you can surround your entire body below the neck with ozone, while the head is on the outside of the sauna chamber allowing the head to stay cool, so more time in the Ozone enriched sauna is possible.

The combination of ozone therapy and steam sauna therapy provides moist heat and ozone, which can help cleanse the lymphatic system, and where researchers have also shown that a byproduct of the combined therapy helps increase the fixed free oxygen in the blood.

Prices for the Ozone Therapy:

Initial Introduction + welcome package 45 Minutes $80.00
Individual Ozone sauna sessions 30-40 Minutes $75.00
May use physio extended healthcare coverage if you are receiving physio at a frequency of 2x month. (minimum)    
5 prepaid Ozone sauna sessions 30-40 Minutes each $325.00 ($65.00 ea.)
10 prepaid Ozone sauna sessions 30-40 Minutes each $600.00 ($60.00 ea.)

Note: Ozone sessions are subject to HST except when being used as a adjunct treatment of Physiotherapy.

Please Call to book your initial session and for any additional information that you may wish to know about our Ozone Therapy System.

Thank you.

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