Making Your and Your Child’s Time at Home a Little Easier

Having a written scheduled routine for your children during this very challenging time should make life a bit easier for everyone inside the household. You can help by making a schedule and make your children responsible by following a scheduled routine, as they would have to at school.

For example:​

7 am- up and do bathroom chores then dress.

8 am- Breakfast

8:30 am School work/ online education or other educational work of parent choice.

9:30 am- Free choice of colouring, drawing, puzzle, exercise

9:45 am – Snack

10 am -Educational work as mentioned above.

11 am – Movements activity- Dance, exercise, Simon Says or “Who or what am I” game (by movements or activities of the child others try to guess what or who the child is)

11:30 am – Reading period. They may take turns reading or find a place to read alone.

11:45 am – Reading review. Each child shares what was read in their own way verbally then writes it out in their own words.

12:15 pm – Lunch.

12:45 pm – Math

1:30 pm – Word game (find the missing letter)

2 pm – Watch a children’s video on YouTube on “sharing feelings”

2:30 pm – Discuss what each learned.

3 pm – Each child share or write or do both about how they feel the day went

3:15 pm – Discuss the repeat of this schedule for the next day and what may need to be changed or added. This includes behaviours as well as activities and all should participate.

3:30 pm – Free choice and relaxation.

4 pm – Supper preparation and all participate.

4:30/5 pm- Supper.

5:30/6 – pm all help with Supper clean up.

7 pm – Bath routine

7:30 pm – Family time- Movie or Board game.

8 pm – Bedtime

It is very important that time at home be treated like it would be if your children were at school.  They should not be sleeping in or staying up really late.

You can make changes to the time or activities to suit your family and their needs.

Please note: the government also has an online learning program for children called “Online and Distance learning in Canada” This can be implemented in your daily scheduling.

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