Love Sahar...she is thorough and knows what she's doing. She really helped me with my pain.

-Jaji Paji

Outstanding facility and Mike’s approach and attention to detail is second to none.

-Joe DaSilva

I have struggled with shoulder pain for the last two years with no sign of relief.

I have tried Massage and Chiro with several providers. Nothing helped to reduce the reoccurrence of pain past the day after treatment.

I have had 4 physio sessions with Michael and my pain has reduced to 25% of what it was. My range of motion has increased 75% of what it was.

The front desk staff are very kind, patient, and professional as well.

I am so glad I found this clinic. I wish I had found them sooner so that I did not have to spend 2 years in pain.

- Noel D
I highly recommend this place, the staff is very friendly and helpful & their service is very professional. Ms. Sahar Usman was working with me for my physiotherapy sessions, she is very professional and knowledgeable. Meanwhile I worked with Dr. Shereen Al- Jamal for my chiropractic sessions she is also very professional & friendly.
- Ruba El-Khaldi
Highly recommended.

Michael and his team have the expertise and take the time to explore, treat and guide on how to maintain any issues my body has shown. From concussion recovery, low back pain and mobility imbalances.
Invest in your body, correcting issues from years of build up take time, effort and patient cooperation. Start with professionals that enjoy their work and helping people like they do here.

- Mike H
Thank you Michael, I couldn't do my normal walk again without your help. I highly recommend him, he is very professional and knowledgeable.
-Toma Toma

I have seen 3-4 physiotherapist in mississauga before for my on and off lower back pain, but this is the first time I felt I found a true physiotherapist, Sahar. I visited the clinic for my Sciatica pain. With laser therapy, nerve flossing and stretches she did an amazing job of relieving me of pain and made me more strong and mobile. I highly recommend this clinic, specifically Sahar.

- Subia Tasneem

Shereen is an amazing Chiropractor. Shereen is kind, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. She has worked wonders for my husband and I. At my first appointment, Shereen was able to tell exactly where I was carrying tension and provided me with both immediate relief and long term management with individualized exercises to work on at home. I couldn’t be happier!

- Abbey

I had shoulder surgery at the beginning of the year. Went into elite physio and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Marco tended to me and he worked and stretched my shoulder back to full health. When I went to see my surgeon he was surprised on how well my shoulder was recovering. Thank you to the staff at Elite Physio.

-Nuno Pereira

Michael and his whole team at Elite Physio provided excellent and informed treatment recently, starting the week after the clinic could reopen after the COVID-19 closure restrictions. I felt very comfortable and safe in their offices with the detailed attention they have put into making sure all precautions are taken not to spread the virus between their staff and clientele. Great work Michael!


Went in for emergency treatment for a sprained ankle. Michael went above and beyond to get me running again. During this time of covid, the clinic’s covid protocol and procedure to ensure my health and safety is above and beyond. Treatment rooms are completely sanitized between each patient. Everyone is masked. The air is purified through a system that kills viruses and bacteria. Highly recommend.


I've really enjoyed going to Elite Physio for my post-surgery recovery. Myra and the front desk staff are always warm and friendly. Marco is a very knowledgeable physiotherapist that has helped me significantly regain the range-of-motion and strength of my right shoulder. Highly recommend!!

-Derek Kiang

I started coming here for physio the past two weeks because I tweaked something in my left knee from jogging. Michael Hofstatter has been the physiotherapist that I have been visiting and he has been absolutely amazing. He combines physiotherapy with acupuncture and let me tell you the results are incredible! I couldn't walk up and down the stairs before I came to visit him and after I got back from physio and acupuncture I could with no pain, incredible!

This was the first time I tried doing acupuncture so I was a little nervous at first, because who isn't a little scared of needles, but the healing results are too good to turn away the needles. I attached a photo of my right leg with some acupuncture points as the tweak in my left knee caused me to put too much strain on my right foot. Two visits and I'm blown away and feel the need to tell others to check Elite Physio out and to give acupuncture a try! I cannot express how happy I am to have found this place for physio!

Friendly Staff 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Informative 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Sanitary 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Results 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Adrian Chang

Absolutely love the staff at Elite Physio! Everyone is so professional and friendly. I have been seeing Michael for almost 2 years now and its been great. And now seeing Shereen (chiropractor) and she is also amazing! I would recommend Elite Physio to anyone :))


The staff are wonderful!! I have experienced the benefit of the physio treatments and would highly recommend this facility to anyone.


Very professional and knowledgeable therapists, very pleasant and friendly staff. Am happy with their treatment.

- Faisal Khalsai

I went to physio and chiro for a few months each with Michael and Shereen, respectively. They helped me work on the pain, discomfort, and mobility of my shoulder, neck, and lower back. I had an absolutely great experience here, and so appreciated Michael and Shereen’s ability to assess me and my pain holistically. They were so generous with their recommendations and knowledge, and I learned a lot about my body and it’s functioning. My pain was greatly reduced. I would definitely continue to come to Elite Physio for future support and tune-ups!

Thank you to the whole team at Elite Physio for making me feel more comfortable in my body again.

-Nikki Sedaghat

Michael thank you for your help! I have been dealing with a frozen left shoulder for over 2 years now which is very painful and debilitating. After seeing two other physio therapists with little relief, a friend of mine highly recommended I try Michael Hofstatter at Elite Physio. Since I have started seeing Michael, I have progressed from little range of motion and severe pain to almost full range motion and little pain and being to sleep through the night. I highly recommend his services.


Arpan has been my therapist for a year. She is very professional, nice, responsible and helpful.
Great works and amazing team!

I definitely recommend her if you are experiencing something required a physiotherapy.


I started going to Elite after I was rear-ended on the highway. The methods they use actually heal and strengthen!! I find it very refreshing to have the physiotherapist, chiropractor and massage therapist with the me the whole time during my appointment the focused treatment really leads to great results. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, very professional and knowledgeable!

- Minnelle Will

In 2009, I suffered from constant heel pain which I was told by my doctor was Plantar Fasciitis, caused from my sporting activities. I had to stop all my activities except for walking but that soon also became an issue where my heel hurt all the time. My doctor sent me to see a podiatrist where I was assessed and had some custom-made orthotics made for me with the expectation of my problem to be completely resolved. It helped to ease my heel pain at the very beginning, however, after using the orthotics for a few months, the pain came back. I had been suffering this heel pain for more than a year now and I thought I had to live with my heel pain for my rest of my life. Luckily, my friend from my gym introduced me to a physiotherapist named Michael Hofstatter. Michael completed a very in-depth assessment and then treated me with acupuncture to release my pain and correct my biomechanics and he also taught me how to work on my foot tissue through exercise and education. It allowed my injured tissue to become stronger and recover faster.

After five treatments, my heel pain was totally gone and I have had no other issues since then.

Thank you,
Anita Chung

Had wrist and shoulder pain for a while, Arpan Hundal dealt my case with utmost care and professionalism. Will highly recommend.


“I started seeing Michael due to excruciating pain going down my right hip and through my right leg. I couldn’t walk, sit or stand without pain. I had seen five physiotherapists before finding Michael. They all used the same therapy, ultrasound, heat and TENS. This method of treatment did not alleviate the pain.

Michael was able to identify the cause of the pain. Using medical acupuncture and active release therapy, Michael was able to take away my pain. He gave me stretches and exercises that I could do at home that would keep the pain from coming back. With Michael’s help and encouragement, I was able to complete a 500 km cycling tour through Provence, France. I would never have been able to complete this ride without Michael’s treatment. Currently, I am training with Michael to complete the Around the Bay Road Race in Hamilton ON. Which is a 30 km race.

Not only is Michael very skilled at his profession, but he cares. It’s very rare to find someone in the health care field who truly cares for his patients the way Michael does. He is an amazing physiotherapist, and a very special human being.”

~Bonnie McClung

I've been to several physiotherapy places before but my experience with Elite physio is totally exceptional! Arpan and Marco are awesome. I've been seeing Michael regularly he's excellent, passionate and he explains what he does (very knowledgeable & professional) and helped me with an injury that's been misdiagnosed by other therapies in Toronto. Joan and Hiam are very efficient, friendly and reliable when making an appointment, I love them!

I used to have a reservation with chiropractic but Patty did a great job, she's the best! Highly recommend Elite Physio, you won't be wasting time!


Marco and Patricia were extremely helpful in helping me with my injuries. I was unable to turn my neck after snowboarding, with the help of Patricia, she was able to help me fully recover after a few sessions.

I got into an accident and Marco was able to teach me certain exercises and treat me until I was able to walk properly. Overall the best Physio Clinic I have been to.

~Jason To

I've been very impressed with my experience at Elite Physio. The chiropractor, Dr. Shereen Al-Jamal quickly identified my issue and gave me treatments and exercises that helped immediately. I've never had to wait for an appointment and have always been met with friendly professionalism.

-Peter Koehnen

I was here for my shoulder trouble, which was looked after by Dr. Arpan and in only 2 sessions my pain was almost gone. I was heard properly and treated very nicely. The place is neat with friendly staff to assist you. All in all a great experience, would highly recommend.

-Jaskaran Singh Virdi

I’ve been going to Elite Physio for various reasons over the past couple of years — massage, yoga classes and most recently physio for my shoulder and back (the joys of working from home during COVID-19). Arpan has been my physiotherapist and has helped me to be pain free! She treats you like a family member not just a client - she cares. Arpan is very knowledgeable and approaches her work holistically. She is also good at motivating you to do those exercises at home! If you need physio - call Elite Physio (the best!) and ask to see Arpan!


Elite Physio is an outstanding practice. Despite attending another clinic for shoulder pain it was during a visit with my Mom for Acupuncture that I met Michael. I immediately decided to switch clinics and have never looked back. Michael has given me back mobility and relieved my pain in just a few short visits and I am now having him address my foot pain that my chiropodist has been unable to relieve.

Michael is helping my Mother who has suffered severe chronic back pain for more than 30 years and he's given her hope, something she had otherwise given up on. Michael thank you for your patience, bedside manner, knowledge and above all your pain free, medication free approach to providing relief. Can't say enough good things. It's refreshing to be helped by someone who truly knows what they're doing. I have referred to you as "God Like" in your ability and highly recommend you and your services!

-Linda Zuber

I've been going to Dr. Arpan Hundal for the past 8 months for tendonitis. Dr. Arpan is very passionate about her job and really cares about helping her clients heal. She is reassuring and builds a good relationship with her clients. I feel comfortable with her, and confident that she can help. I have also gotten so much better after starting physio.
The staff are so polite and organized and the location is really clean and easy to find. Ola is very professional and the place is flexible with making appointments and helping reschedule. Would HIGHLY recommend this place.
- Kim Dias
After visiting previous physio therapy locations and unsuccessful treatment for my injury, I ended up finding elite physio which had a lot of positive reviews and I couldn’t be more thankful. All of the staff were great and very friendly.
I was lucky enough to work with Marco for a few months and he fixed me right up after I was starting to doubt If I’d ever get better. Not only was he informative but also very knowledgeable and easy to talk to whilst being professional during the whole experience.
I would recommend this place in a heart beat as my time here was nothing but positive results and the results I was hoping for.
- Chad Young
Michael, I just want to express my deep gratitude for your treatment of my recent back problem. When I first hobbled into to your clinic less than a month ago, you listened, observed and diagnosed my problem and after less than an hour of careful treatment I walked out feeling better. I also left with a clearer understanding of the problem and what I could do, by way of exercises, to get me back to work on Monday (it was only Saturday).
With each subsequent visit, I always felt some benefit. Before today's appointment, I mentioned that I was a little anxious about coping with some lifting task that my job today entailed. You did a "back correction" and I was able to perform the task without a problem... thank you Michael.
- Bill Park
Been to many physio in the past, sent to see specialists, xray, ultrasound and many sessions later, no one could figure out what was wrong.

Went to see Patti at Elite Physio, and within one session, she figured out what was wrong with my hip and pretty much sent me on the right path to being fixed.

- Jeff C.

Before I write this review I want to be clear this is my honest experience being at the clinic for a couple months. I had the privilege of shadowing the Physiotherapist. I had shadowed several before, but I have never been at clinic of this excellence before. The Physiotherapist gives you their full time, other than those that examine you for 10-15 mins and hands you off to their Physiotherapist assistant. Michael spends each minute ensuring that the patient is well taken care of, and gives even more time if needed. Every patient that came to him saw a difference in their pain level and range of motion within just that session.

Michael went above and beyond to each patient and has diverse knowledge. Unlike most Physiotherapists he knows how to perform adjustments, medical acupuncture, and many other modalities best suited to help the patient. He does not just put you on modalities, but rather uses true PHYSICAL therapy with his treatment.

The customer service staff is wonderful, truly the most honest and kind people I have ever met. I am so grateful for this experience, and have already convinced my family to visit him.

- Sabiha Meer

Michael and Patricia are highly invested in helping you heal. I’ve been to numerous health care providers to help with my back and shoulder issues and the progress made with the team at Elite is substantially better then others.

- Jennifer

The office is bright and clean, the staff attentive and knowledgeable and the location is easy to get to with lots of parking. Can't say enough good things about the staff at Elite Physio!

-Scott Kendall

After spending 7 weeks in a non-weight bearing cast for a fractured ankle, I got clearance to start walking. I didn't know what to expect, and I could barely touch my foot to the floor, let alone stand/walk. Lucky for me, Elite Physio, Marco, Michael & team knew exactly what to do, and within 3.5 weeks, I ditched the crutches! This was my first fracture and my first exposure to physiotherapy, but I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Each session was one-on-one and personalized. Marco treated me using multiple types of therapies, which I believe helped me recover even faster. He was also very supportive of my feelings and fears (especially as I tried to get back to normal things like driving or walking down stairs!), but he continued to challenge me with exercises to ensure my healing did not plateau. In fact, because everyone at Elite Physio was so encouraging and genuinely glad to see my progress, I felt even more motivated to keep up with the exercises outside of our treatment sessions.

A huge thank you to Marco and Elite Physio for all your help and support during this difficult period in my life. The quality of care and treatment you provide is truly exceptional!

- Rebecca

I'm so glad I took the time to really research different physio places and chose Elite Physio. Dr. Michael and Dr. Arpan are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (for lack of better terms) at what they do for you. They will really listen and ask you questions in order to provide you with the right treatment plan. This is NOT just a "..come in for your appointment, more your arms/legs (or whatever's in pain) around kind of place, slap on those Dr. Ho kind of machines and done!" ...Every appointment is different and catered to your condition and how you've been feeling and what you've been experiencing in between your appointments.

Background: I was in a car accident (a huge SUV hit us). Now - even though it's taking a while for my right sides to feel like it's normal again ... at the very least, I get temporary relief for a few days. I know, and I'm sure everyone else does, that it really takes times. THANK YOU guys!

- Yzabelle

Mike and Shereen provide excellent care and do their best to ensure you can get better without having to go back to them indefinitely.

-Aarathi Edward
Thank you Dr Arpan Hundal for doing your best to cure my lower back pain and my left shoulder injury in a very short time. Now I can practice my normal life like before, cooking , playing with my kids and driving car without any pain in my back and shoulder. I could tell that I noticed improvement after only one session which is amazing.
Thank you again Dr Arpan and I highly recommend Elite Physio.
-Alshimaa Bakeer
I am very glad that I was referred to Michael Hofstatter at Elite Physio. I have been a client there for a few months and have had nothing but great experiences and amazing results.
I have been to many Physiotherapists and he is truly invested to help get you back to better health. I have experienced some amazing results, and Michael and the whole Elite Physio team has been instrumental in helping me get better and on the path to getting me back to my normal.
I would highly recommend Elite Physio to anyone in need of physiotherapy support.
- Robert Baker

To anyone recovering from an injury,

Michael Hoffstatter and the elite physio team are the most personable and experienced staff in the world when it comes to taking care of a patients needs.

I’ve been working with Michael for over a year now as his patient for a traumatic back injury and intensive psychological conditions.

Michael and his team go above and beyond what I’ve experienced anywhere else in my life. Before I met them, I was close to dying. Lost, misunderstood, in pain and just ready to give up.

Michael and his team always greet me with smiles and love and support and I am so grateful for all that they have done and continue to do for me.

Michael and his team go through great lengths to not only understand what are the underlying issues with regards to your treatment, but they educate you along the way and care for you like you are part of their family.

Michael and his team always spend extra time on their patients and they are by far the greatest physiotherapy/interdisciplinary team in the entire GTA.

I would strongly recommend elite physio to anyone in pain, who is injured or just requires physio, massage, yoga or chiropractic services.

They constantly take care of you, they always send holiday cards, follow up and make sure you get the best service possible.

I owe my life and the quality of my recovery to Michael Hoffstatter and the elite physio team. I genuinely wouldn’t be alIve without Michael’s support and belief in me.

Michael is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran and he is more knowledgeable than most of the doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors I’ve seen.

I’m glad to be a part of the elite physio family and I highly recommend that anyone and everyone choose Elite Physio as your primary physiotherapy.

🙂 thank you!


~Arif Hussain

I had a great experience at Elite Physio! Very clean and organized workplace, staff are friendly, and wait times are minimal. Michael is very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and cordial. As someone who no longer has insurance, the price is affordable.


I first came to Elite Physio because of the positive reviews I read online. I am very pleased to say that Michael has certainly lived up to all the positive accolades! He is very professional, knowledgeable and very keen to understand symptoms and concerns. He was able to readily identify the issue and proper treatment which has led to very tangible improvements in a reasonable time. He is more than happy to explain the treatment and answer any questions about the condition or the treatment. I would highly recommend Michael.

-Donna A

Excellent service! Very friendly & welcoming staff! Arpan has a golden touch! I could not believe that my sciatic pain would be cured in 2 sessions!!

-Hala Haidar

This clinic is the real deal. Michael is an expert physiotherapist/acupuncturist who tailors his treatment approach to his patients specific needs very well.

There are also other types of practitioners on staff for more holistic care where needed. The results are very effective and swift treatment. As someone who has dealt with a multitude of complex ailment who has sought treatment at many different clinics I can confidently say you won't be disappointed if you go to this clinic for treatment.

-Richard Lindo

I have been a client of elite physio for a few years now. Marco has helped me through a number of issues since my pregnancy, from my hip to my knee and a wrist issue. The front desk staff are so accommodating and kind. I drive a little out of my way to go to elite physio (there are physio clinics closer to my home) but it’s worth it!! Also the new office is very nice inside.

- Marissa O'Connell

I received a great service at Elite Physio by Dr. Arpan. The treatment I received provided me with a lot of relief for my Knee injury. They use ultrasound therapy and Laser along with hot and cold therapy. Highly recommend this clinic. My Knee improved after just two sessions!

- Aish Hasija

Like no other! I've been to many physiotherapists - but never experienced the holistic approach that Elite Physio does. They don't just treat the pain - they identify the source and help you solve the problem using a variety of techniques from physio and massage to Active release, laser or acupuncture. Deep understanding + Caring team.

Michael and Patti are exceptional.

-Carl Messenger-Lehmann

Great place filled with great people.. I’ve been seeing Arpan for quite some time now and she’s amazing! Always asking questions and figuring out how to treat me better than the last session. I’ve been to many physiotherapy places but never got the results like I have with Arpan! Continuous information and knowledge from her and she never fails to leave me satisfied after each time I see her.

-Paul Stasiulevicius

I started going to see Michael in Fall 2016. I have suffered from lower back pain for years and as a Professional photographer I am constantly bending, twisting and turning to get the perfect shot. From the first visit, I couldn't believe that I noticed a difference. Michael is amazing to say the least! He takes the time to investigate the root cause of the problem and he provides different approaches through his diverse experience and knowledge to target the source of the problem. Every visit, I feel and notice an improvement. I am honestly so impressed and relieved that I found him. Highly Recommended!

-Itab Atwy

Marco was helpful to fix my problems professionally. Highly recommended. Courteous staff.

-Syed Rehman

The Elite Physiotherapy clinic is well run and the staff are amazing and positive. My physiotherapist Arpan Hundal has been extremely attentive and knowledgeable on the causes and effective treatments for various injuries. I would definite recommend Elite Physiotherapy for anyone needing professional and effective assistance with pain.

-Caroline Bouilly

I initially went to see Michael Hofstatter when I was recovering from having torn my quadriceps off of the bone. He used a variety of treatments ranging from acupuncture, laser, manipulation and stretching , among others. I have never had quicker and more effective results than I experienced with him- he knows EXACTLY what to do to get you feeling better fast. I would highly recommend him to anyone needed any kind of rehab.
- Sean Zaichick
I was a client of Arpan's 8 months ago for a painful shoulder injury from weightlifting and plantar fasciitis. Prior to Arpan, I saw a couple therapists from different clinics who unfortunately, did not help. After my first visit, I could tell Arpan was different. She was much more knowledgeable and experienced. Her treatments were far superior and it wasn't long before I started to see improvements. She has a very patient and pleasant personality. Most of all though, she'll make you better.

Just remember to do the exercises and/or stretches she teaches you to make the recovery period that much faster. Even though I haven't needed to go back for anything, I still do some of the exercises Arpan showed me to prevent the same injuries from reoccurring. Thanks Arpan!

- A Chin
Great Service! Going for Chiropractic treatments after a recent car accident, Love Patty feel better than I have felt in a very long time!
- Natasha Kent
After my recent surgery of my knee, I had to research physiotherapists near to where I live. After reading about the wonderful reviews for Michael Hofstatter-I didn't mind the wait for 2 weeks to see him. True to all the reviews --Michael's calm demeanour,professional attitude put me at ease immediately. He listens to concerns,explains things well & uses a combination of physiotherapy & accupuncture to treat. Just after 4 sessions -I see a marked improvement in my symptoms.
It also helps that he has a great cheerful team in the front(Karen and Hiam) who are very welcoming. I'm so glad & appreciative of all what you do - thank you!!
- Jayasudha Vavilla
Michael is a great Physiotherapist. He does a thorough assessment of the problem before he starts his therapy. He is very professional pleasant and gentle in dealing with his patients. He is one Physiotherapist, that I know of, who shows genuine concern for his patients.
He follows up with his patients to ensure that they are doing the recommended exercises.
I call him the fix it man...as I am a lot better under his care.
-Remee John
Arpan Hundal is a very good listener, caring, and wonderful professional.
The service has been outstanding. I highly recommend their services.
-Belinha Melo
After two car accidents and one sport injury, I need everybody to know and understand that the secret to my recovery, it’s just that I put myself in the good hands of Elite Physio, a clinic with a staff that carries all the experience, knowledge, equipment and the best understanding for the patient’s pain situation.
The treatments that I have received from Mike and his staff, are so effective, that whenever I hear that one of my friends has suffer any kind of injury, I refer them to Elite Physio, knowing that the will be treated the same as I am treated, and with the same results. Thanks Mike you are awesome.
-Hernando Serrano
Fantastic staff, love the new facility. By far the best place I've gone to for therapy.
- Dino Rossi
I found Dr. Arpan to be highly competent and compassionate. Her diagnoses was accurate and I found the treatment to be very helpful for my condition.

The staff at the clinic is also very professional and caring. My overall experience was great and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

It's not often you come across a place that you can't find fault in...even if you were to look.
From the reception to the treatment; through and through you will NOT find better.

Michael has now treated me for 2 separate recoveries and both times managed to impress me with not only his extensive knowledge but personal and candid approach. To say Michael is good at what he does is a disservice. Plain and simple he has found his calling and established an approach that is second to none in both results and quality.

- Cameron Cogswell

I was referred to Mike by my running coach. He’s very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to make sure I understand the treatments I’m getting. He’s very thorough, extremely patient and dedicated to his clients. Thanks to Mike I recently completely my first 100K run!

- Anna Huh

For the past 7+ years, I've suffered from chronic headaches and neck pain. I've tried multiple treatments such as acupuncture, massage, chiro, osteopath, and physio, but nothing worked. After 2 physio sessions with Michael, I no longer feel these pains and now know the proper stretches to do to prevent these pains from coming back. Michael takes his time to explain each procedure he performs and educates me on why the pain exists. Thank you Michael!

- Ravi Sharma
Amazing results, Professional Service, affordable prices. Don't suffer anymore with pain, go see Dr. Michael.
- Olla Qita
I went to Marco for several physio sessions. The staff there are very professional and the service was great!
For the past 38 years I have suffered with chronic back pain and have ran the gamut of medical personnel from doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists etc. in the hope of finding pain relief without having to resort to medications. While there is not a "cure" for my problem, for the first time since discovering Michael at Elite Physiotherapy (about three years ago) I am experiencing longer intervals of pain relief, without the use of medications.
Michael is not only quite educated in his field, but has a pleasant, gentle and caring personality. He really spends time individualizing his treatment to attend to the issues facing each patient. And he rises to a challenge. If he feels something is not working, he will try different combination of approaches in order to find relief for his patient. To this end, he will incorporate the services of the chiropractor or massage therapist who are on his team if he feels this is necessary.
Also appreciated is the seniors' discount that he offers to his qualifying patients.
I have recommended others to Michael and will continue to do as I know he will be able to help them.
-Deanna G
I've been going to Michael for physio therapy since my knee replacement surgery in August 2013. I had a difficult case because my range of motion was so limited for years before the surgery that my muscles needed retraining. Michael has helped get my flexion to 125 degrees and the extension is almost straight - both of which are huge improvements! I don't think I would have this much range if it wasn't for his creative physio - he uses a variety of techniques each week such as acupuncture, active release, laser, massage, and stretching (just to name a few). I've talked to friends who have gone to other PTs and they don't get near the same level of treatment.

Shortly after my surgery my back went out and I could barely move. When I went to see Michael I expected him to continue to treat my knee, but instead he worked on my back and helped me tremendously. I don't know why it didn't cross my mind that he could help my back, he knows the human anatomy so well and can treat so many issues.


Took my mom for treating her arm. Arpan did an excellent job; mom’s pain was completely relieved and she felt better. Would definitely recommend.

-Rinki Mukherji

The treatment provided by Michael released my pain; the exercise taught by Michael help me to quick recover; the caring and attention from Elite Physio team improved my physical and mental health.

- Mary Ma

Michael Hofstatter is the absolute best physiotherapist ever. His knowledge is extensive in regards to the body and healing, strength training exercises and stretching exercises. He is a skilled expert with acupuncture, and with magic hands he always find those knots to work on in the muscles and tendons to loosen, release and relieve pain. I have been seeing Michael for several years, my family comes to him when in need, and we recommend him to friends and coworkers all the time. We highly recommend Elite Physio for any and all physiotherapy needs. The clinic is very clean, the staff are friendly and punctual. After just one consult with Michael you feel more in control of your health and life.

- Jill and Darren

Great place. Always on schedule, evening appointments and Marco has really helped me keep my triathlon training on track, despite some nagging issues.

- Patrick B.

Dealing with Dr. Michael and Dr. Arpan to fix my shoulder and back injury from a car accident. I can feel that I am beginning to see improvement little by little. They also explained to me the areas affected and showed me several exercises for rehab. I will definitely recommend anyone who are looking for a great physiotherapist.

-Jules Gee

Physio Michael is really good. Went there for my dislocated shoulder treatment plus all the staff are very helpful.

- Awez Alam

Thank you Michael for a great experience! This is a great new place and fantastic Team! I have used your services and along with my clients we are very happy! Very professional and experienced!

-Alexandru Matei

Michael Hofstatter has become my new health care provider!! He has helped me using acupuncture for heel pain, elbow pain, TMJ, insomnia and restless legs, plus anxiety. I don't have insurance coverage, but I will continue to see Michael (and of course Karen at reception), because I see results almost immediately.



On time, reliable, effective, responsive, and most importantly results!

-Amanda Ca

I have been going to Elite Physio for the past few months for a shoulder injury and it has been an amazing experience. Michael is super knowledgeable and provides an unparalled level of care. As a direct result of my sessions with him, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my mobility and a great reduction in pain. I would highly recommended Elite Physio!!

-Nikhil Mistry

I would like to thank Arpan, she is a physiotherapist in Elite physio clinic, she is a great physiotherapist, she provide an excellent treatment and a very good customer service, I feel much better after two treatment with Arpan, thank you very much Arpan, I am happy to come to this clinic


Great clinic with friendly staff. Michael is very knowledgeable and does all he can to help you heal.

-Indy Singh

I have been seeing Michael at Elite Physio for a couple of months following a shoulder fracture. Michael is highly skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of techniques. He answers questions easily, provides ongoing education as well as encouragement. He checks in on issues/progress at each visit, listens carefully and keenly observes function. He is very hands on for the full session versus some clinics where modalities are applied and you may be handed over to an assistant. He utilizes a variety of techniques from laser, active release, acupuncture to reviewing exercises. At each visit there is benefit and relief...I feel that I am making a really good recovery and always leave feeling that I have the tools to continue my own program and exercises at the right challenge level to further my own recovery.

The professionalism extends to the administrative staff as well who are courteous and attentive. There is easy free parking as well as an added bonus. Although I haven't really required this, there are also extended hours and sessions on Saturday which would appeal to many who are working.

Another shout out to another physiotherapist, Arpan, who I have seen a couple of times when Michael has been unavailable...she is equally fantastic! I would highly recommend Elite Physio.

-Cristina Pita

Great clinic with friendly staff. Michael is highly skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of technique and does all he can to help you heal.

-Mahnoor Butt

Michael is very knowledgeable and will readily answer any questions you may have. Clinic is very clean and they are always on time with appointments. I have had to change and cancel appointments due to my work schedule and they are very prompt at returning my emails or calls.

-Steve Workman

Patti is a great person and chiropractor. She is caring and wanting to help you with your issues. She looks into finding ways to help you with any problems you may have. I have been to other rehab places in the past and I am happy to have finally found one that I look forward to coming too and has helped me get better! Thanks Patti!

- Mary-Anne Barry

This is one of the best places I know of for paramedical services like physio, chiropractor, massage therapy etc. The practitioners are very knowledgeable in their domains, helpful and easy to work with. I would highly recommend that you try Elite Physio if you are looking for results.


I was having right shoulder pain, arm weakness and tingling that would shoot into my pinky finger part due to a prior small accident and bad posture. I have had this for probably five years.

I went to family doctor, chiro and did x-rays but nothing helped. Found Elite physio online and thought would try them out and i am glad i did. They don't hook you in an expensive treatment plan like some clinics do. I asked for Michael specifically. He is a no BS guy and is very knowledgeable, professional and pays attention to your symptoms and concerns. I was able to see very tangible improvements in a reasonable time. I like his way of explaining the treatment and answering any questions about the condition.

I still have a little bit of symptoms and will be going again. I would highly recommend Michael.


I had a great experience and help with my lower back pain at Elite Physio. Arpan was great and knowledgeable and helped with my recovery quicker. The exercises and long term care advise helped me understand the pain management better.

-Abhijith Gowda

Very Professional and efficient service. Michael H is a great physiotherapist, very thorough in his work.

-Kausar Syed

The staff is incredible, they helped me physically and emotionally through every visit, they are are caring in every aspects and would ensure you on the right path to recovery.


Michael is a very patient healthcare professional. He takes time to explain how to speed up recovery and prevent further injury. I would highly recommend his clinic.

-Jimmy Leung

Michael is a true professional. He is very serious diligent and thorough. Plus he is
willing to communicate with you in between sessions if needed.
His adjustments are firmly done and he offers a range of treatments He is very competent in his diagnosis and exercise prescription as he does a thorough assessment.
He wants to and does fix you.


Although I have only had one session, it has been incredible. Not only was my treatment very thorough, so was the explanation of what was going on with my body, proper stretching and exercises. I am looking forward to my next treatments.

Our recent experience with elite physio has been great. Arpan was very professional since my mum’s first session and my mother’s condition has been greatly improved.

-Bharath Kumar

Very friendly and nice people.


My back was injured, with seeing Dr.Patti I was feeling 100% within 2 sessions.
Highly recommend seeing Patti.
She is very cool, knowledgeable and knows the body.
Anytime I feel pain I go to Elite physio and it’s clean environment as well.
- Lanky
The chiropractor Patti Farrell is very good at what she does. She has changed my opinion of chiropractors.
- Mike Ovas

Exceptional service with amazing team. I highly recommend this place. Michael has exceptional knowledge and always make sure that I am feeling better than before. He always gives me additional tips with exercise for maintaining good health. I am grateful for everything he has helped me with my situation. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.


"Patricia has been treating my mother and I for a couple of months. She is always very friendly and inviting. We never finish one of her sessions without feeling relieved of our pain. We both are so grateful for her services!"